About Eugene Johnson, Jr.

Eugene Johnson Jr,
“The Transformer” 
is the CVO (Chief Vision Officer)
of Man 2 Man “Let’s Talk”.

Eugene is happily married to his Jr. High sweet heart of 15 plus years. They have been together over 25 years. God has blessed him and his wife with two beautiful children. God and his family are his main priorities.

As a Personal Trainer, of Eugene Johnson Jr’s In-Home Personal Training, Eugene’s personal training with his clients has been training him to be the motivational speaker he dreamed to be since 2001. Eugene has witnessed the transformation of many clients, individually and collectively, for over 15 years of training from his workout plan, attention to detail, and consistent motivational words. Seeing how client’s have changed mentally, physically, and spiritually, Eugene realized more how people can benefit from his words. This motivated him to work harder to fulfil his dream.

For the next few years Eugene took advantage of multiple opportunities of teaching 5th and 6th graders in bible classes, speaking to young adults about life, and speaking at schools and small business on living a healthier lifestyle. Also, Eugene increased his presence on social media and continued to sharpen his speaking skills.

After speaking to a variety of groups, Eugene realized that his passion was more focused on helping young men become better men for their families, churches, communities, and this country. In May 2017, Eugene Johnson Jr decided to establish Man 2 Man “Let’s Talk” LLC with a mission to bring awareness to all men to know their true role and purpose that have been defined and defined by God.