Our vision is to bring men, of all diverse backgrounds, together to do what God has designed us to do and that is to be the best men we can be for God, our families, churches, communities, and our country.

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Our mission is to serve and help all men one at a time and provide a safe environment for discussion on how we can become the best men we have been created to be and what is keeping us from being the best men we can be.

We help and support each other in our daily fight of doing what is right versus doing what is wrong.

It is important for men to understand, identify and accept who are the sources of what is good and evil. To demonstrate that all men are on the same team, fighting the same battle, against the same enemy. To show we are in a daily fight against the ways of evil, the only way we can defeat the evil ways is to do it the way
God wants us to.

We strive to show that as men, we need to understand and accept that God created us, He is for us, and He loves us.

With that submission, we have a better chance of identifying and conquering the ways that are evil in our presence. When men totally submit to God, they have a better chance to reach the potential God has already set for them. God wants us to be united not divided.

We show that men also need to understand and accept that the source of evil comes from the evil one, Satan.

Satan who hates God and all His creations. Satan promotes and loves sin, as well as causes all kind of confusion to keep men divided and fighting against each other instead of unifying.

We work together to show that if we do not follow God’s blueprint for men, it will be more challenging.

To show that at the end of the day, if we do not follow God’s blueprint for men, it will be more challenging for men to work together as well as help each other fight our daily battles. When we do follow God’s blueprint, we are one step closer to being better fathers, husbands, and leaders in our homes, churches and communities. This is the call, challenge, and command of all men.

Our purpose is to create a more comfortable atmosphere for me to share their challenges, accomplishments and opinions with a group of respectful men. To appreciate, accept, and respect each many story. to help many men establish better connections and relationships that will be beneficial for themselves and those around them.

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